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The Sunlite

Model #1661
The newest addition to our growing portfolio of available plans


Baron Designed creates construction plans for updating kitchens, remodeling living spaces, and building quality new homes in Yakima County. We offer full service residential design that begins with your vision for your ideal home and ends with a plan that will fit your lifestyle. At Baron Designed we are able to find adaptive solutions to the challenges of any land or budget. Our design team specializes in making cutting-edge 3D computer models of homes that you can virtually walk through, enabling you to experience what you love about a design firsthand, before the building process begins. We deliver construction-ready plans to you so that you are well prepared to break ground on the home you’ll be happy to live your life in.





With Ready to Design, you come to us wanting to build a new home on a lot that you have purchased or are considering purchasing. We inspect the lot and work up preliminary plans for how it may be used. Next we meet with you to talk over your ideas for your future home. From there we create a preliminary floorplan that is specific to your lot.

Includes: Draft Site Evaluation, Site Plan, and Floorplan, Research in Relevant Code Requirements and Utility Connection Requirements, and 1 On-Site Consultation and 1 Office Consultation.


With Ready to Bid, we design a 3D computer model of your home and invite you to take a tour of it, enabling you to experience what you love about it and make any changes necessary for better livability. You receive three sets of plans that you can take to homebuilders to get construction bids so that you can see how your proposed home fits your budget.

Includes: Floorplan and Elevations, 1 Office Consultation with 3D Interior and Exterior Walkthroughs, and 3 Sets of Plans for Bidding.


With Ready to Build, we add all of the information necessary to make your floorplan ready to submit for building permits from the appropriate local agencies. You receive three sets of construction-ready plans and are then prepared to hire a homebuilder to develop your lot.


Includes: Permit Ready Site Plan, Floorplan, Elevations, and Floor System Design, and 3 Full Sets of Plans for Construction.



Such As: Plan Submission (Yakima County, City of Yakima, City of Selah, and other areas), Atypical Home Design (E.G. additions, remodels, hazardous sites, tall walls, detached garages, high snow loads, 4000+ square feet, etc.), and Additional Meetings.

Do you need to hire a custom home builder? Please consider Baron Homes when deciding who to trust with your dream home. Click here for more information. 

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