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This is the Desert Southwest Pendant   A wonderful addition to any home wishing feature a significant Southwest desert feature- the cactus. This handcrafted wood lighting fixture multiple levels. The pendant is perfect for illuminating your kitchen island or adding a touch of the desert Southwest to any room. Crafted with the highest quality materials, this pendant is built to last and will inspire for years to come. Bring the rustic hardy desert indoors with this beautiful pendant.


Designed and individually crafted, Baron Designed proudly offers our lighting fixtures.  Each fixture is made from wood, with many including glass crystal or resin elements, making each fixture unique.  These fixtures come ready to hang and enjoy.

Desert Southwest Pendant

Excluding Sales Tax |
Your choice of three wood finishes
  • This pendant is 7 1/2 inches tall by 6 inches wide.  It comes with black hardware, which will accept either a braided wire or a round threaded fixture hardware (not included).

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