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+Modern Prairie

Charactarized by clean bold angular lines all on a single level, the Modern Prairie is a preferred home style of many today.

The Sage Ridge >

The Prairie Ridge >

The Ahtanum Ridge >

The River Canyon >

The Vantage Ridge >

The Tieton >

The Loomis Trail >

The Modern80>

+Country Craftsman

A perennial favorite, the Country Craftsman strikes a wonderful balance between the old and new.  

The Sagescape >

The Rimrock >

The Pinegrass >

The Boulder >

Suntides >

The Chestnut >

The Pinnacle >

+Modern Farmhouse

A relatively new home style, the Modern Farmhouse imagines a pastoral lifestyle... simple, yet modern.

Mt. Adams >

Mt. Clemmens >

The Mt. Baker >

The Mt. Hood >

The Rosewood >

+Homes with ADU

(Accessory Dwelling Unit) These homes function and appear to be a single family home... but they each have another living space.  Wonderful for multi-generational living or potential rental income.

The Twin Peaks w/ADU >

The Chestnut w/ ADU >

The Ahtanum w/ADU >

+Unique Structures

Fortunately, not everyone wants to spend every moment in a traditional home.  Because we love alternative part-time and full-time living arrangements, I'll be adding cabins, esoteric structures, and a bit of the weird.

The Pine Ridge Cabin >


The Pine Ridge Cabin is available through Etsy.

If you arrived on this page from Etsy, and have a passcode provided as part of your purchase of this plan, please click here.

To purchase The Pine Ridge Cabin, please visit Baron Designed at Etsy with this link.  Thank you!

The Pine Ridge Cabin is a delightfully efficient 676 square foot getaway.  It begs to be settled amidst the trees overlooking some incredible outdoor vista  But if you look a little closer, one could imagine a vacation rental, an AIRBNB, or even a full-time residence.


Beyond an efficient floorplan, this imagining of a cabin has all the modern conveniences of today's family home.  A kitchen with all the goods.  An eating bar instead of a dining room.  An entertainment wall with large screen TV, shelves for old-school books, and a fireplace.  Sure, it's a smallish space- but that's what makes it cozy. Curl up to your football team on the telly or reread 'War and Peace.'  And if your need a little more ambiance, how about a cracklin fire and a tall stem glass of red wine.

Baron Designed has been designing spaces for some years.  We pride ourselves in thinking thru the details of what makes a great space.  With the Pine Ridge Cabin, we start small.  We go up in size from here.  Watch for or new offerings weekly on Etsy.

Here's what we give you.

-A downloadable PDF of the floorplan in three formats; 24x36 for builders, designers, and subcontracts. An 11x17 for decorators and possible wall art, and an eight 1/2x 11 for the coffee table.  The PDF contains; a floorplan to scale, wall elevations, an electrical plan, roof and ceiling framing plan, a framing illustration, a 3D 'birdsview,' and some suggested variations to the Pine Ridge Cabin.

-A link to a 3D video walk-thru.  The link is included in the downloadable 'Instructions' PDF.  The video is as close to actually walking thru a finished structure as possible.  In full color and staged, the walk-thru will give you a great sense of what the space will feel like when constructed.

-A downloadable ZIP file of 20 plus photo-realistic images of each room and the exterior.  

Similar floorplans of cabins and other structures are available online at dozens of 'home floorplan' websites, where they typically charge a thousand dollars or more.

These plans will not get you a building permit.  Each jurisdiction has building rules and regulations that require some local knowledge.  If you have that knowledge, you'll have no problem adapting these plans for your local building department.  If not, you'll need to find that expertise locally.  It is readily available.

Changes? Of course. We'll modify the Pine Ridge Cabin any way you want it. You'll need to let us know what you have in mind, and then we'll get you a modification quote within 24 hours. If a face-to-face discussion is required, we'll set up a virtual meeting to fit your schedule.

Other Needs? Baron Designed can supply you with printed blueprints, detailed material lists, modifications, and other plans.

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